This will guide you step by step to MANAGE MEDICAL HISTORY


1. Display Medical History

2. Filter Medical History

1. Display Medical History

At the main screen, press on the search icon. enter the patient “ID” or name. the patient list will be filtered, press on the appropriate result.

A new screen will appear. Please press on the "Medical History" tab.

If you found a blank screen then that means you did not add any medical data yet. This module is read only report. It displays all the medical activities (labs, radiologies, prescriptions...etc) in one screen.

If you used the app and added some medical activities, then the screen should display these activites together as a report

2. Filter Medical History

On the "Medical History" screen, Please, press on the search icon at the top right of the screen

A pop-up window will appear, that offers a date-range filter, press on the date you need to change.

A date pop-up window should appear. Please set the appropriate date then click "Ok"

After setting the appropriate date range, please click "Ok".

Only the medical activites in that data-range will be displayed.