High Quality Product

We seek to produce a high quality product through using the latest native development tools.

Continuous Update

We always update the app to meet the latest requirments. We always have a plan to add new features

Response to our users

Our users feedback is very imprtant to keep producing a reliable proudct . We try to add features that our users need

The app is designed
to act as...

EHR, EMR health record. Anamnesis, Patient history. clinic management app

The app allows you to set a login password. Thus you can log out at any time. No one can access the data unless you log in again. We also provided a pin number to enter it if you forgot your password

The app contains various medical activities. We still working on adding more features upon the feedback of our users.

Being unique is the preference

Youtube video will appear in popover

Is the app suitable for my personal use?

Yes. Although the app designed to serve doctors, but there are thousands of normal persons use the app to save thier family medical records.

When will you provide a cloud storage version?

We already working hard on providing an option to store your medical data at the cloud which will allows you to access your data from your devices at the same time. We also plan to provide a web version of the app to make it easy for doctors who still using pc

What about the development plan?

We have a lot of features to add to the app. We respond to the needs of our users. We also have our own development plan.

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